We are here at the end of the coding period. I spent the last two weeks doing the last few remaining tasks and some more regression fixing.

Regression again with QRegularExpression

This time the regression was in core/utilities/import/views/cameranamehelper.cpp. I used the same strategy to patch this class as I had used with others. The cameranamehelper_utest mysteriously failed.

Upon debugging I narrowed it down to the line

static QRegExp REGEXP_MODES(

which was ported to

static QRegularExpression REGEXP_MODES(

QRegularExpression::anchoredPattern() is used here to do exact matching. This should have worked. On debugging and trying out new approaches, I tried this

static QRegularExpression REGEXP_MODES(

and it worked.

I just added (?i) to the pattern instead of using the option QRegularExpression::CaseInsensitiveOption. It was strange. According to the docs as well, the option is equivalent to the string I added manually to the pattern and it should have worked. We wanted to use the option so that the code is more readable.

After making a few more trials, I found a way to make the option work

QRegularExpression REGEXP_MODES(
    QRegularExpression::InvertedGreedinessOption | QRegularExpression::CaseInsensitiveOption

QRegularExpression::CaseInsenstiveOption worked only when used with OR with this option. This was strange is a probably a bug in Qt. This was merged.

Porting the AppImage scripts

There are 4 scripts to build appimages.

  • Build host (Build Qt)
  • Build extra libs (Build KF5)
  • Build digiKam
  • Build appimage

and some more helper scripts. Because we left building KF5 for now we can only port the first script to set up the build environment in Mageia 7.1 and install Qt6. We selected Qt 6.2.0-beta2 as Qt 6.1 is not ready yet with all the dependencies requied for digiKam. This is the MR. I am currently working on the script. Here is the merge request.

Thanks for reading!