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My name is Anjani Kumar, a final year student of Information Technology at BIT Sindri, India. I’m a KDE developer and love GNU/Linux. I can make Android apps ocassionally. Currently learning python and rust :)

digiKam: GSoC 2021 Week 9-10

We are here at the end of the coding period. I spent the last two weeks doing the last few remaining tasks and some more regression fixing. Regression again with QRegularExpression This time the regression was in core/utilities/import/views/cameranamehelper.cpp. I used the same strategy to patch this class as I had used with others. The cameranamehelper_utest mysteriously failed. Upon debugging I narrowed it down to the line static QRegExp REGEXP_MODES( QLatin1String("^(ptp|normal|mtp)(\\s+mode)?...

August 15, 2021 路 2 min 路 Me

digiKam: GSoC 2021 Week 8

Last week鈥檚 MR Port QRegExp in advancedrename tool had introduced a regression which was caught by the test advancedrename_utest. About QRegularExpression QRegularExpression implements Perl-compatible regular expressions. It should be kept in mind that QRegularExpression != QRegExp. There are cases where a pattern can silently fail with QRegularExpression but pass with QRegExp. One of the key differences between these classes is that the result of the match of QRegExp is contained the object itself whereas in QRegularExpression, the result is contained in another object of class QRegularExpressionMatch....

August 8, 2021 路 4 min 路 Me

digiKam: GSoC 2021 Week 7

Issue with KF5 From the last few weeks, I鈥檝e been working on the build system. Last week, I ported the CMake files that can use both Qt 5 and 6 versions. I wanted to build digiKam with Qt6. All external dependency issues had been taken care of by now and only one dependency remained that in-turn depended on Qt5, KDE Frameworks 5. This week I accelerated my attempts to build KF5 components that were needed by digiKam to build with Qt6....

August 1, 2021 路 2 min 路 Me

digiKam: GSoC 2021 Week 6

Hi, the first evaluation is complete. My mentors said that they have 鈥渆njoyed鈥 my work lately so that was good to hear. Previously, we had fully ported digiKam to Qt 5.15.2. So now it was time to introduce Qt6. First steps were to identify the required changes in the build system, checking and verifying dependencies. Porting the build system digiKam has a huge codebase and thus, a huge build system which is very finely tuned....

July 25, 2021 路 2 min 路 Me

digiKam: GSoC 2021 Week 4-5

Hi all! I wasn鈥檛 able to write last week. So this post has news from last 2 weeks. digiKam is now fully ported to Qt 5.15 (which is a prerequisite for Qt6). Merge requests that were under review have been merged, namely: Remove Qt X11 Extras module Remove deprecated QMutex usages Replace removed QDateTime constructor with new function Port dbjobsthread.cpp to not use deprecated const_iterator 鈥+鈥 operator Isolate rajce plugin These were all part of porting to Qt5....

July 11, 2021 路 3 min 路 Me